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Tropical Field Biology and Conservation
Summer Field Course in Gabon, Africa
July 14 - August 4, 2014
Organized by the University of New Orleans (UNO), Universite des Sciences at Techniques de Masuku (USTM), and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

This field course constitutes part of a larger program known as the Central African Biodiversity Alliance (CAB-Alliance) funded in part by the National Science Foundation award number OISE1243524.

This is a 3-week course for undergraduate students in tropical biology and conservation from July 14th to August 4th (2014) in Gabon. All classroom activities will be held at the Université des Sciences et Techniques de Masuku (USTM) in Franceville, and field work will be conducted at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s training center in the Lopé National Park. A ten-week online seminar prior to departure will also be provided to all successful applicants.

Application deadline: Friday December 6th, 2013

Course objectives:

This course will provide an introduction to tropical field biology and field research methods. U.S. and Gabon participants will work collaboratively to design an independent research project, collect and analyze field data, and present their findings as a research paper and oral presentation to other team members.

Course outline:

Ten-week online seminar (Spring 2014)

Topics include:
* Principles of tropical ecology and evolution
* Natural history of study organisms
* Field safety
* Health & vaccination requirements
* French language skills


Gabon Map

Three-week field course in Gabon (July 14 - August 4, 2014)

Pre-field training at USTM (July 14 - 18)
Topics include:
*Sampling and design methods
* Data collection and management
* Statistical Analysis
* Preparation for the field
* First exam

Ten day field trip to Lopé National Park, central Gabon (July 19 - 29, 2014)
* Selection of study sites
* Collection of field data
* Organization of field journals
* Preliminary analysis

Post-field session at USTM (July 30 - August 4)
* Analysis of field data
* Preparation of research reports
* Oral presentation of research
* Second exam
* Exit interviews


  • Currently registered as an undergraduate at a U.S. institution
  • Minimum GPA of 2.7
  • One semester of sophomore level ecology or evolutionary biology
  • One semester of college-level French (can be taken in Spring 2014)
  • Hold a valid passport and Gabon visa
  • Obtain all necessary vaccinations
  • Enjoy working in a multi-cultural setting
  • Able to work under physically strenuous conditions
  • Available to participate in Spring 2014 online seminar


  • This course is optionally available for four credits (applicable course fees apply) through the University of New Orleans.
  • All successful applicants will be required to pay a nominal registration fee.
  • All travel expenses, room, and board associated with participation in the program are provided.
  • Space is limited; top candidates will be interviewed in December.

How to Apply:

  • Fill out the online application
  • Submit your unofficial transcript to the Program Administrators (see contact information below). Official transcripts will be required for successful applicants.
  • Submit two letters of recommendation to the Program Administrators
    * One letter should be from a professor who can speak to your academic experience, study skills, etc.
    * The second letter should be from someone who can address your attributes applicable to participating in a rigorous program in a challenging environment. These might be such things as flexibility, adaptability, experience in a challenging environment, etc.
    * NOTE: Referrals may not be obtained from immediate family members
  • Your application will not be considered complete without all documents (online application, transcript, and 2 letters of reference)
  • Application Deadline: Friday, December 6, 2013
For more information, please contact:

Nicola Anthony, PhD
Project Leader, UNO
Department of Biology

Katy Morgan, PhD
Postdoctoral Program Coordinator, UNO
Department of Biology
(504) 280-6645

Downloadable pdf of the Program Brochure will be available soon.

The University of New Orleans • 2000 Lakeshore Drive, New Orleans, LA 70148
(504) 280-6000 • Toll-Free at (888) 514-4275