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The Ezra Pound Center for Literature:
Writing Workshops at Brunnenburg


July 10 - August 5, 2017


2017 Applications are now being accepted.

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The University of New Orleans is pleased to offer the rare opportunity to take Poetry-Writing Workshops and seminars on The Poetry of Ezra Pound, one of the 20th Century's most influential, innovative and controversial poets. The program is held at Brunnenburg, the northern Italian castle that served as Pound's residence during his later years and is currently the home of his daughter, Mary de Rachewiltz, and her son, Dr. Siegfried de Rachewiltz.


Brunnenburg Castle is situated in the province of South Tirol in northern Italy. It graces a hillside near the mountain village of Dorf Tirol, with spectacular vistas of the Adige Valley and the Italian Alps. South Tirol, which borders Austria and Switzerland, is an area of both Germanic and Italian influences. The South Tirol or Alto Adige province, together with the neighboring Trentino province, today forms an autonomous region within Italy that enjoys a high degree of administrative and cultural independence from Rome. Brunnenburg Castle, originally built about 1250, exists reconstructed today as a viable working estate and vineyard. castleIt neighbors Schloß Tirol, the twelfth-century castle which gave the region its name. The Counts of Tirol played a central role in the history and development of all of Tirol. Today, both Brunnenburg and Schloß Tirol are keepers of history, as well as centers of cultural and scholarly activity. Since World War II, Brunnenburg has been the residence of the de Rachewiltz family, relatives of the poet Ezra Pound, who also lived and wrote there. Pound's grandson, Dr. Siegfried de Rachewiltz, is Director of both Brunnenburg and Schloss Tirol. An ethnologist with degrees from Rutgers and Harvard, Dr. de Rachewiltz established a museum at Brunnenburg dedicated to the ceremonial and agricultural life of South Tirol. Brunnenburg also houses an extensive artifact collection from Africa, as well as a collection of some of Pound’s original publications, papers, and personal items.


Housing, Meals, and Costs

Students reside in a renovated 17th-century farmhouse within the castle compound which can accommodate up to 16 people in single and double rooms. Participants share bathrooms, laundry facilities, and a communal kitchen. Breakfast and lunch are provided Monday - Friday. One dinner a week is also included. Hotel accommodations for three nights with breakfast and one other meal are also provided on the field trip to Venice. For weekend meals and dinners not provided during the week, former participants have enjoyed purchasing supplies in the local markets for cooking and picnics, or discovering the local inns and restaurants.

Total Fees: $4,295 for UNO students; $4,795 for non-UNO students. Fees include all coursework, credit or non-credit, one or two classes. Room and some board is also included, as described above. Transportation and lodging on the Venice trip is also included. Transportation to Europe is not included.


Program Structure and Eligibility

This program is a 4-week poetry seminar/poetry workshop and immersion into Italian culture. It grew out of the Tirolean History classes taught at UNO's International Summer School in Innsbruck, Austria. The Summer School has operated successfully for more than twenty-five years and has generated many productive and rewarding collaborations throughout Europe, of which the UNO Ezra Pound Center for Literature is one of the finest. The program provides the unusual opportunity for a limited number of undergraduates, graduate students and others interested in modern poetry and/or creative writing to write poetry and study the works of Ezra Pound at the historic castle in northern Italy where Pound lived late in his life and where his daughter, Mary de Rachewiltz, now resides.

Undergraduates in good standing, graduate students and non-degree students are eligible to apply. Guest students from other institutions and continuing UNO students must be eligible to enroll for the next semester in good standing. All participants must be eligible to enroll in a 4000-level course (junior, senior status or graduate student) but can be admitted by permission on an individual basis. Foreign students, Americans abroad, teachers and dependents in Europe are also invited to apply. All admitted participants should come prepared to live and work in a rustic environment of close quarters and communal qualities, and be able to demonstrate good health and the ability to walk steep inclines on a daily basis.

All for-credit students will receive a UNO transcript for their participation.  This official transcript will be sent to the appropriate home institution following the completion of the summer program, after a final assessment and payment of room damages and other remaining charges.  If you have any questions about the transcript process, please feel free to contact the Writing Workshops Abroad office.


Student Experience

Click here to see student blog entries and photos from years past.





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