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Course Information and Class Field Trips

This page includes information about the courses offered in Innsbruck, required field trips, information on class styles and sizes, faculty and more. Click here for a complete listing of courses, including brief course descriptions.

Course Information

The focus of THE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL is to provide a meaningful learning experience and a favorable learning environment for all its participants. To this end, classes are kept small and faculty members are selected carefully and are encouraged to enhance their courses by taking advantage of the European setting through class field trips and guest lectures. The small class sizes have become characteristic for the UNO-Innsbruck Summer School and help students bond with each other and their professors. Each class is capped at 15 U.S. students, but is also open to up to five students from the University of Innsbruck, UNO’s partner institution abroad. This gives all students the opportunity to meet their peers and exchange perspectives, opinions, and experiences in class.

“My greatest learning experience was being integrated into a classroom with local students. They served as insightful and inspiring figures to help us comprehend what being a European citizen is like.”
Carly High - The University of North Carolina

The academic regulations currently imposed at the University of New Orleans will apply in Innsbruck as well. All students must enroll in and maintain at least 6 credit hours, i.e. 2 courses. All courses listed carry 3 hours of semester credit.

If a student needs to change a course, this must be done in writing. Students must email innsbruck@uno.edu by May 1 to request a course change. If applicable courses must be pre-approved by home institutions, and students must meet the course requirements. Students can also drop/add courses on the first two class days in Innsbruck, based on availability.

After March 1, students can add a third class, earning an extra three credits, for a total of nine credits. There is no extra cost for the third class. You should, however, keep in mind that this six-week program is very intense and that travel and recreation in your free time are an important part of your experience. Earning nine credit hours in six weeks while in Europe can be a difficult task and will diminish your free time for exploring and experiencing the foreign setting.

Time Periods

Time Period I - 8:00am - 9:20am
Time Period II - 9:30am - 10:50am
Time Period III - 11:00am - 12:20pm

Class Attendance

Class attendance is mandatory. Due to the very intense and fast-moving nature of this program, NO unexcused absence is permitted. An excused absence for medical or other legitimate reasons can be obtained from the program nurse or the program administration. Timely arrival to class is also required; repeated tardiness will have an effect on your grade. For a full attendance policy, please refer to your course syllabus, which will be distributed on the first day of class.

This strict attendance policy is justified for a program of the intensity, brevity, and academic integrity of THE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL. We have recognized the attraction of travel opportunities in Europe by scheduling long free weekends. In return, we require that students attend classes.

Glacier Field Trip

Class Field Trips

Most students in THE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL will enjoy the opportunity to take field trips within Innsbruck as well as other parts of Austria and across international borders to Italy and Germany. These trips are integral to the courses, are conducted by the professor of each class, and are mandatory. Most short excursions carry no additional costs to the students. Some of these field trips are scheduled on the first weekend.

We are convinced that these field trips provide some of the real highlights and exceptional experiences of THE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL.

Students should consult the list below as well as the individual course descriptions on our COURSES page for details of courses requiring field trips, or call THE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL office at the University of New Orleans.
In keeping with the purpose of THE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL, the courses selected are those that can benefit from their setting in Austria and Europe. A concerted effort will be made in all courses to reinforce classroom instruction with the rich cultural surroundings.

Field trips are essential components of course instruction. Missed field trips can result in a full letter grade penalty. We advise all students to make their travel plans around the course schedule.

Required Weekend field trips (tentative):

Classes Destination Date Description
Required for all ANTH, PSYC, POLI, FTA 3090/4096, HIST 2991 (both), 4003, 4346 and other classes TBD Dachau Saturday, July 6 Day field trip to former Nazi concentration camp of Dachau.
EES 1002, 2096; HIST 2000 Obergurgl Glacier Sunday, July 7A one-day field trip, including a hike to the glacier (Please bring hiking boots!)

Required Afternoon field trips (tentative):

MANG 3401 Munich Wednesday, July 10 Visit to BMW factory in Munich
All ITAL and ANTH 1020 Bolzano, Italy Wednesday, July 31 ANTH classes will visit the Museum of Archeology (Ice Man)
MUS 1000 Salzburg TBD Visit to the birth place of Mozart and other musical sights in Salzburg
MKT 3501 Innsbruck TBD Tour of the Olympia World, a first-class sports facility in Innsbruck
FA 1010, 2202 Innsbruck TBD TBD
MANG 4446 Innsbruck Wednesday, July 24 Tour of the corporate archives of Swarovski

… and more

Required afternoon field trips will also be announced in class and are subject to change.

Dachau Field Trip

Class field trip to Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site

"The biggest learning experience was during class field trips. The lessons we learned in class were solidified in this unique environment in an integrative way that you don’t always get to experience.”

Camryn Martin - The University of New Orleans

Lecture Series:

Details coming soon!


Each year, the faculty members for THE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL are judiciously selected among many applicants. They form a diverse group of instructors from many different U.S. and international institutions of higher education, and they have a wealth of knowledge to share with their students in Innsbruck. Every faculty member who teaches on this program is SACS approved and fully qualified to teach the courses offered. For a complete listing of this year’s faculty members, please see the link below.

Click here to see the current faculty’s bios

“It has been a true pleasure to introduce my students to the language and culture of a country that I so dearly love.”
Peter Jorgensen (German) – The University of Georgia


A textbook list is usually available by mid-April and the textbooks can then be purchased online (UNO Bookstore or elsewhere). The UNO Bookstore will list the exact book, correct edition, etc. as ordered by the professor. It also provides used textbooks and may buy back your textbooks if you wish to sell them. If available the UNO Bookstore can provide digital versions of the textbook (e-books). Your textbooks will be shipped to your address in the US. You have to bring your textbooks with you to Innsbruck. Do NOT wait until you get to Innsbruck to order them! Shipping will be exorbitantly expensive and will take a long time.

Tom Bramorski<

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