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General Program Information

Students on a class field trip to the Eagle's Nest in Berchtesgarten

Academic Information Financial Assistance Class Field Trips Air Transportation & Railpasses Weekend Travel

Academic Information

Eligibility and Admission

     Undergraduates with a 2.5 average and graduate students with a 3.0 average (on a 4.0 scale), as well as graduating high school seniors and non-degree students are eligible to apply for admission. New students seeking college credit must meet the general admission requirements of the University of New Orleans. Guest students from other institutions and continuing University of New Orleans students must meet the grade point requirement above. International students enrolled at a U.S. institution, Americans abroad, military personnel, teachers, and dependents in Europe are also invited to apply. Priority will be given to students enrolled in a university program. After review of all application materials, students will be notified of acceptance into the International Summer School. For graduating high school seniors we recommend that you apply to the program after completing at least one year of college or university.

Examinations, Transcripts & Diplomas

•Mid-term and final examinations will be given in all courses. Regular attendance is required of every student.

•An official transcript of grades and credit hours earned will be sent by the University of New Orleans to all students’ home institutions who complete THE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL.

•A special diploma for THE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL will be awarded to students who complete at least nine hours with academic distinction (at least two A’s and one B).

•All students will receive a special certificate of attendance reflecting course grades.

Field Trip
One of many afternoon activities hiking through the mountains

Registration and Scheduling

•Registration is complete upon receipt of a student’s formal online application, deposit and several other forms (See Forms and Downloads). Students will be notified in writing when they are accepted into the program.
NOTE: The program Administration does not recommend that a student purchases his/her plane ticket until accepted into the program.

•Course scheduling will be arranged based on a student’s preference list. In the event of time conflicts or if class quotas of 15 per class have been reached, students will be assigned to course(s) on their alternate list. Both first preferences and alternates must be listed on the course selection form. Class registration will be based upon date of acceptance.

•THE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL requires all students to complete at least 6 hours (2 courses). A student may choose a 3rd course, thus earning 9 hours, after March 1, based on availability. No additional tuition will be due for a 3rd course.


In keeping with the purpose of THE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL, courses taught are those enhanced by the setting in Austria and Europe. A concerted effort is made in all courses to reinforce the classroom instruction with the rich cultural surroundings.

All courses are taught in English. However, students are urged to take a German or Italian language course either before or during the summer for a better appreciation of the European experience.

All courses listed will carry three credit hours unless otherwise indicated. The academic regulations currently in force at the University of New Orleans will apply in Innsbruck as well. Freshmen and sophomores are eligible to enroll in courses numbered 1000 and 2000, and
upperclassmen (over 59 hours of credit) may take any of these courses as well as those numbered either 3000 or 4000. Several classes have prerequisites, which must be met.

Graduate students are eligible to enroll for graduate credit in courses numbered 4000 and above. 4000 level classes may have a 5000 level section added for graduate students upon request.

Guest students are responsible for securing approval from their own schools for the courses they wish to take.

Sound of Music
Students on the Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg, Austria

Financial Assistance

The University of New Orleans and THE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL believe strongly that the European educational experience should be made available to as many qualified students as possible. To this end, a limited number of awards are available to UNO and UGA students who exhibit high academic achievement, can clearly demonstrate financial need, and whose academic plans will benefit most from this experience. Recipients are designated as Ambassadors and are expected to assist with the program while in Innsbruck. For further information visit the links below:
UNO students: https://inst.uno.edu/secure/intled/inst/ambassador
UGA students: http://fs2.formsite.com/GeneralFormsSite/UNOScholarship/index.html

Federal Financial Aid is generally also available for this program, depending on the eligibility of each student.

For other available scholarships and awards, please click here.

Class Field Trips

Most students in THE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL will enjoy the opportunity to take field trips within Innsbruck as well as other parts of Austria and across international borders to Italy and Germany. These trips are integral to the courses, are conducted by the professor of each class, and are mandatory. Most short excursions carry no additional costs to the students. Some of these field trips are scheduled on the first weekend.

We are convinced that these field trips provide some of the real highlights and exceptional experiences of THE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL. Students should consult the Academics and Class Field Trips page for details of courses requiring field trips and any additional costs involved, or call THE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL office at UNO.

Air Transportation and Railpasses

The International Summer School 2018 starts on Saturday, June 30 and ends on Friday, August 10.  To arrive on June 30, you must depart the U.S. on Friday, June 29 (overnight flight).  All students must check into the dormitory no later than 5:00 pm on June 30, in time for the mandatory orientation.
Return date is August 10.

Participants of the International Summer School can purchase their airline tickets independently or can opt to purchase tickets on the group flight arranged by ITS Tours travel agency. For more information on the group flight, please see the link below under GROUP FLIGHT.
NOTE: The program Administration does not recommend that a student purchases his/her plane ticket until accepted into the program.

The program provides round-trip bus transfers from the Munich airport to the dormitory in Innsbruck on June 30, 2018, with return on August 10.  All program participants can use this transfer service, provided they book their flights in accordance with the transfer schedule, which will be provided to students accepted into the program.

For weekend travels through Europe and travels before and/or after the program, rail is the best and cheapest mode of transportation. We recommend a Eurailpass, which must be purchased in the U.S. before departure. Students may purchase their Eurailpass independently or from ITS Tours.  As Eurailpasses are based on the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Euro, the railpass price is not fixed until the pass is actually purchased.
For more information about Eurail Passes, click here.

For more information please click here!

To contact ITS Tours:
I.T.S. Tours
Mandie Evan
707 Texas Avenue, Suite 101A
College Station, TX 77840


Weekend Travel

Classes are scheduled from Monday to Thursday, except for the first week of classes when classes are held on Friday as well. Most of these long weekends are free for students' individual travel and offer a wonderful opportunity to explore other parts of Europe.



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