Winners of the International Photo Contest 2008/09

1st Place:

“A Remembrance of Times Past” by Ashley Norris

This picture was taken on the UNO Academic Year Abroad in Innsbruck during a field trip to Italy.  This church tower is the last visible sign of a village flooded in 1950 to create an artificial lake for the production of electric power. The hydro-electric power plant never materialized.



2nd Place:

“Skyline” by Alexander Lanaux

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.


3rd Place:

“To the Core” by Matej Bulant

These eyes looked at me as I passed by, says Matej, an exchange student from the Czech Republic.


4th Place:

“Streetlife in Treme” by Marion Wieser

We were driving around the city (New Orleans) to see the graffiti art by “Banks”. Close to the “Simpson” graffiti across the Food Circle Store we saw this scene. Marion Wieser is an international student from Italy.