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With approximately 17,000 students in over 70 courses given by 450 professors, Cologne University of Applied Sciences is the largest of its kind in Germany. Due to its diversified and high-quality teaching and research Cologne University of Applied Sciences is a popular co-operation partner both inside and outside Germany and has close ties with various German and international universities. Our hallmarks are application-focused interdisciplinary teaching, a dynamic further development of our courses, integrated on-the-job semesters and short study periods.

Also in the fields of research and development Cologne University of Applied Sciences is constantly looking for new challenges. Its research and technology transfer comprises products, processes and services from all the fields of science taught at the university. There are also good contacts with industrial companies in Cologne, making it an ideal location for this university thanks to a wide range of different industries and a catchment area with over 2 million inhabitants.
With more than 80,000 large and medium-sized companies, nearly all branches of economy and industry and of the service sector are represented here. The range comprises the automotive and the chemical industry, media enterprises, banks and insurance companies and the manufacturing sector in the component-supplying industry.

The international focus of Cologne University of Applied Sciences is mirrored by its international courses of study and over 3,000 foreign students from 103 countries currently studying at the university. Moreover Cologne University of Applied Sciences maintains 120 partnerships with universities within the European Union and 62 partnerships with universities overseas.

For its international students, Cologne University of Applied Sciences offers a special service. At the beginning of each semester the International Office hosts a Welcome Party for all new arrivals. Apart from German language courses, we provide a diversified cultural program during the semester which comprises a guided tour of Cologne (including a special welcome by the mayor), trips to museums, theatres or the German capital Berlin.


Kölle Alaaf! Rosenmontag parade during Karneval

Cologne (Köln in German) is an ancient city, founded in 38 BCE as a Roman outpost, cologne has grown to become Germany's fourth largest city with just under 1 million residents. The greater Cologne metropolitan area includes the former German capital city of Bonn, and has 2 million inhabitants. Cologne is a major international center for art and culture. Cologne has 30 museums and hundreds of art galleries. It hosts the annual Art Cologne fair which is the world's oldest international art fair; Photokina, the largest photography trade show in the world, and the International Furniture Fair. Cologne is full of important architectural monuments including twelve Romanesque churches, such as Great St. Martian's and St. Gereon. The most famous building in Cologne is the Cologne Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cologne is famous for the many festivals it hosts every year. The Cologne Comedy Festival is the largest comedy festival in Europe, hosting comedians from all over Europe. The Reggae Superjam is one of Germany's largest annual music festivals. The annual Christopher Street Day Parade, celebrated the first Sunday of July, is one of the largest gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender pride events in Europe. But the most famous of Cologne's festivals is Karneval. Celebrated from 11:11 on November 11 until Ash Wednesday, Karneval is a season of celebrations culminating on Rosenmontag (the day before Mardi Gras) when the city is turned over to parades and revealers. The famous slogan of Karneval is Kölle Alaaf! which is from Kölsch, the local dialect of German, and means "Long live Cologne!"

Located on the Rhine River, Cologne has been an important port city for over 1000 years. Today,the port of Cologne handles over 20 millions tons of cargo, as well as thousands of pass angers on pleasure cruises on the Rhine. the Konrad Adenauer International Airport (IATA code: CGN) which serves Cologne and Bonn, is the second largest freight airport in Germany and the seventh largest freight airport in Europe. CGN is an international airport with direct flights to 177 destinations in 45 countries on 4 continents including direct flights to the US. Over 10.47 million passengers fly through CGN every year. Konrad Adenauer International Airport. Cologne is also a major rail center with daily connections all over Europe. German National Railway Website Cologne is the German terminus of the high-speed Thalys train. The Thalys train has daily service to Brussels (2 hours) and Paris (4 hours) at reasonable rates. Thalys International

Cologne is a manufacturing center noted for the manufacture of chemicals and automobiles. Ford, Toyota, and Renault all have factories in Cologne. Cologne is also known as the birthplace and namesake of eau de cologne. The Italian immigrant John Maria Farina developed eau de cologne in 1708, and named it after his adopted city. The Farina Haus Museum is preserved today to honor this most famous of Cologne products.

If you are interested in going on an exchange program to the Cologne University of Applied Sciences click here.

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UNO ISEP Exchange

The regular International Exchange students can go for one semester or for a full academic year. The exchange agreement between UNO and Fachhochschule Cologne University of Applied Sciences allows students to pay tuition at their home institution but they must pay all other expenses, such as housing, transportation, insurance, meals, etc.UNO students at the Fachhochschule Cologne University of Applied Sciences must pay a "Semester Fee" of approximately €200 every semester they are at Fachhochschule Cologne University of Applied Sciences. The Semester Fee pays for a variety of services for students, including Internet access and a pass good for all public transportation and limited rail service between cities in the German state of Nordrhein-Westphalen

Please keep in mind that the German academic calendar does not coincide with that of UNO, so those students wishing to study abroad for only one semester may find it beneficial to attend the "summer" semester in Germany. The winter semester starts October 1 and finishes at the end of February with a break for Christmas. The summer semester starts April 1 and ends the beginning of July.


While Fachhochschule Cologne University of Applied Sciences offers courses in English, mostly in business, fluency in German will increase the availability of courses. Without enough language skills students will be restricted to classes within special programs, or to a small number of courses offered in English. German language courses are offered in all levels and will be credited by Fachhochschule Cologne University of Applied Sciences yet may not be included in the exchange program.


UNO students on exchange at Fachhochschule Cologne University of Applied Sciences are given priority for rooms in one of the university's residency halls. Students are responsible for making their own living arrangements while in Cologne and the cost of these arrangements are borne solely by the student on the exchange. The cost for student housing in Cologne is approximately €150-€250 per month.

The estimated cost of living for a student in Germany is €680/month (about $900). This includes housing, food, transportation and recreation.

More information on availability and the type of housing offered, as well as application forms, can be found at: Kline Strengthener

Cologne International Summer School (KISS)

The International Summer School (KISS) at the Fachhochschule Cologne University of Applied Sciences offers a multisession, multidisciplinary summer program in English and German. KISS offers courses on German language and translation, GIS, media production, transportation engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, transportation management, and computer science. Participation in KISS is not covered the UNO's exchange agreement with Cologne, so UNO students who wish to participate in KISS must pay the fees on their own. The programs offered by KISS charge different fees depending on the program. the fees cover tuition, and cultural activities. Housing, meals, excursions, insurance, and travel are not included in the program fees. More information about kISS including course offerings can be found at Cologne International Summer School

Panoramic view of the city of Cologne


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