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The University of Kassel is a young, but highly respected and innovative comprehensive university situated in the city of Kassel in the German state of Hessen approximately 193 km north-east of Frankfurt. The University of Kassel, known as Uni-Kassel is home to 18,000 students from 115 countries. Uni-Kassel is a comprehensive university organized into 13 faculties and 3 scientific centers. Uni-Kassel is most noted for its ground-breaking work in environmental engineering, renewable energy generation, nano-technology, and maglev transportation systems. Uni-Kassel also has an internationally recognized art school which specializes in new media art. Two Academy Awards have been given to films made by students from Kassel.

Kassel has been an important political, scientific, cultural and transportation center for hundreds of years. Located on the German Märchenstrasse (Fairytale Road). Kassel is best known as the birthplace of the Brothers Grimm, who set many of their fairytales in the area around Kassel.

Kassel is a major art center as well. documenta, is an important show of cutting edge contemporary art held in Kassel every five years. The Fridericianum in Kassel's city center was the first public museum in Europe. Near the Fidericianum is the Karlsaue park along the Fulda River. The Karlsaue is the setting for the Orangerie, which is a masterpiece of baroque architecture. Also in the city center is the Ottoneum. Once the Belvue Palace, the Ottoneum is Germany's oldest theatre. Next door to the Ottoneum is the Zwehrenturm. Built in 1558, the Zwehrenturm is Europe's oldest observatory.

The Orangerie, Karlsaue, Kassel

The Bergpark, just a few kilometers from the city center, is Europe's largest hillside park with 590 acres of landscaped grounds and monuments. Nominated to become a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Bergpark is dominated by the Herkules monument, the symbol of the city of Kassel, with its cascades water fall. The Bergpark is also home to the Wilhelmshöhe Palace. Once home to the Landgraves of Hesse-Kassel, the Wilhelmshöhe Palace is now a museum with an important collection of Greco-Roman antiquities, and the second largest collection of Rembrandt paintings in Germany.

Herkules monument and Wilhelmshöhe Palace, Bergpark, Kassel

Located on several important trade routes, Kassel is ideally suited for students who want to explore more of Europe while they are abroad. The Wilhelmshöhe train station is a major rail hub on the German rail network, with trains several times a day to all major cities in Germany, and to destinations in other parts of Europe.

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Website of the city of Kassel

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Kassel is located 193 km north-east of Frankfurt.


If you are interested in going on an exchange program to University of Kassel click here.

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UNO ISEP Exchange: UNO International Exchange students can go for one semester or for a full academic year. The exchange agreement between UNO and Uni-Kassel allows students to pay tuition at their home institution but they have pay for housing while in Kassel. UNO students in Kassel must also pay a special semester fee (around € 200/semester). The semester fee is for some on-campus services and includes a "Semesterticket" which is a pass for all public transportation in the state of Hessen, including rail service within the state of Hessen. Please contact the UNO ISEP office for more details.

Accommodation: UNO students in Kassel are given priority for rooms in one of the university's residency halls. The cost (which is approximately €200/month), is not included in the exchange, therefore students have to pay for accommodation in Kassel on their own.

More information on availability and the type of housing offered, as well as application forms, can be found here: Studentenwerk Kassel

Courses: Students have to meet the minimum German language proficiency requirement. Fluency in German will increase the availability of courses. Without enough language skills students will be restricted to classes within special programs, or to a small number of courses offered in English. German language courses are offered in all levels and will be credited by the Universität Kassel yet may not be included in the exchange program.

UNO Participants at the 2007 Kassel IWU
From left to right: Brandon Shelling, Greg Pier, Amitdyuti Segupta, Karthik Kura


Hessen International Summer University

The University of Kassel is one of the five participating schools in the Hessen International Summer University (ISU). ISU is a summer study abroad program which offers students a choice of seminars focused on environmental engineering and cultural issues. The ISU program includes an intensive German language course, choice of two seminars, an evening cultural program, field trips, and optional overnight excursions (an additional charge). The program fee includes accommodation with a host family, two meals a day, health and liability insurance, and a transportation pass for the city of Kassel. Travel expenses, personal spending money, lunch, and overnight excursions are not included in the fee. Students who register for ISU early are eligible for a discount of the fee. UNO students who participate in ISU at Kassel can have credit for ISU seminars transferred back to UNO. Standard UNO rules for transfer credit will apply. Please see the UNO ISEP staff for more details.

For More Details about Kassel ISU, Please Click Here

International Winter University

The University of Kassel also offers a short program held during the winter called the International Winter University (IWU). IWU starts shortly after Christmas and continues to mid-January. IWU offers choice of seminars in environmental engineering focused on renewable energy sources, or German cultural studies. The program fee includes: choice of seminar, intensive German language course, cultural program, field trips, a public transportation pass for Kassel, insurance, transcript, and accommodation with a local host family with two meals a day. Not included in the fee are: travel expenses, personal spending money, lunch, and overnight excursions to Berlin for New Year's Eve. UNO students who participate in IWU at Kassel can have credit for IWU seminars transferred back to UNO. Standard UNO rules for transfer credit will apply. Please see the UNO ISEP staff for more details.

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