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Go to Germany via UNO's Exchange Program with the UAS 7!

The University of New Orleans is proud to announce its partnership with UAS7. UAS7 is a strategic alliance of seven leading German Universities of applied sciences committed to excellence in teaching, and whose goal is to further academic exchange between North American universities and the German UAS7 institutions.

UAS7 represents a wide variety of 500 degree programs on the Bachelor’s and Master’s level. 75,000 students, 2,200 full time faculty members and several thousand part time lecturers from industry and business study, teach, and do research in Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Münster, and Osnabrück. The alliance members run nearly 1,000 university partnerships worldwide.

Universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschule in German) differ from other universities by preparing students for future professional careers through application-oriented instruction. The objective is to enable graduates to apply theoretical and method-based knowledge to concrete practical problems. Students systematically learn how to transfer these skills as they study and after graduation are able to integrate quickly into the business environment.

Programs at UAS 7 schools focus on:

  • the entire range of engineering subjects and computer science
  • business, management and economics
  • humanities, social sciences, life sciences (i.e. nutrition, fitness, etc)
  • architecture and design

UAS7 Study and Internship Program

This is an excellent opportunity to put Germany on your resume: In-depth international study as well as internship experience!

  • You will study for a full semester together with German and international students at one of Germany's leading universities of applied sciences
  • You will have the opportunity to apply your academic and professional skills in a five to six months hands-on supervised internship in Germany

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International Exchange students may attend one semester or a full academic year at any UAS 7 member university. Please keep in mind that the German academic calendar does not coincide with that of UNO, so those students wishing to study abroad for only one semester may find it beneficial to attend the "summer" semester in Germany:

Winter semester is from September to February
Application deadline is February 15th

Summer semster is from March to July
Application deadline is October 1st

UAS 7 member schools also offer a variety of summer programs in a variety of fields. The programs can last from a week to three weeks. Please see each individual UAS 7 member website for details.

The exchange agreement between UNO and the UAS 7 allows students to pay UNO tuition. In addition, UNO Students must pay the "Semester Fee" charged by German universities to all students. The Semester Fee is different for each university and averages around €200. The Semester Fee covers various services for students including a transportation pass, or "Semesterticket", and reduced cafeteria rates. The area covered by the Semester ticket varies from school to school, so please consult each school's website for details.

Housing for UNO exchange students is not included in the exchange with the UAS 7. Each UAS 7 member offers a variety of accommodation for exchange students for between €200-300 per month. Please refer to each individual UAS 7 member website for more details.

UAS 7 member schools offer a variety of courses in English, however proficiency in German will increase the number of course available to UNO exchange students. Intensive German language courses are available at all UAS 7 schools, but the cost of these programs may or may not be covered under the exchange agreement. Please refer to the links below for English language courses offered by UAS 7 members.

Overview of all English language programs at all UAS 7 Schools

English Language Courses Offered by School

Berlin School of Economics and Law

Bremen University of Applied Sciences

Cologne University of Applied Sciences

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Munich University of Applied Sciences

Munster University of Applied Sciences

Osnabruck University of Applied Science

Note: Undergraduate students with sufficient number of hours may take courses in Masters programs. Please consult with Program coordinators in Germany for permission to take graduate courses.

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UAS 7 Members

Koln Munchen

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