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Information about living in "The Big Easy" and attending the University of New Orleans.

Moving to a new city and university is an exciting yet stressfull experience. There are many questions that run through your mind about the city and school you are going to make home for the next six months to a year. Hopefully you have done research abou the city on your own, but here is some information from the "inside" about the city we refer to as the “Big Easy.”

New Orleans

New Orleans is a fascinating and historically rich city that was created by diverse backgrounds and cultures including French, Spanish, Portugese, and Native American Indian. It is a city that is completely different from other cities in the United States; some even call NO its own foreign country in the midst of the United State. It has a heart and culture of its own, and a spirit that you must experience in order to understand. From the exciting French Quarter to the beautiful streets Uptown to the scenic Lake Front, there are tons of interesting places to experience and tons of fun activities to do!.

New Orleans after Katrina

The two greatest things about the city of New Orleans are its culture and its people. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina blew into the gulf coast of the United States and destroyed many of the coastal cities, but she did not destroy the will of the people to rebuild these areas with vigor. Since the flood waters subsided, the people of New Orleans have been working hard to get the city up and running again. And even though many years have passed since Katrina and its aftermath, you will often hear people reference their lives and discuss certain things as pre- and post-Katrina.

The University of New Orleans

Here are a few things that you can expect to find when you come to UNO and our Lakefront Campus:

  • The campus is clean and green.
  • The campus is safe and secure.
  • The campus is on the lakeshore, which means everyone has quick access to a beautiful view!
  • There are two primary dining facilities on campus: the University Center (UC) and the Cove, both including several vendors with various selections of food options.
  • Wireless connectivity is offered throughout the campus. Student computer labs also are in several buildings around campus, all with high-speed internet access and personal space on your own "I" drive.
  • Student health services and academic tutoring are available to students.
  • Rouses, a large full-service grocery, is less than 3 minutes drive (or 20 minutes walk) from campus.
  • Several local eateries are located on or near campus.
  • Numerous activities take place on campus every semester, with at least one event every day.
  • For more information on upcoming campus events, visit the UNO Campus Events Calendar

Other useful information:

New Orleans Guide provides some useful information about attractions, restaurants, things to do, night life, and a local directory.

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Check out our list of Ten Things to Do in New Orleans. Some great suggestions!


UNO currently has two options for on-campus housing. One option is Ponchartrain Halls, a dormitory-style facility. This choice comes with a meal plan (charged separately to your student account) and several amnemities. It has two residence halls with one, two or four furnished bedroom units. The other option is Privateer Place, which are more like traditional apartments, but designed for student life. Students can choose between an efficiency style, a two bedroom, or a four bedroom apartment. For more information about these on-campus choices, visit Student Housing.


UNO has its own police department, and campus is well-lit and safe even at night. If you donot feel safe walking across campus at night, you can call the University Police for an escort to your on-campus residence. For more information on campus police, visit their website.


Public transportation in New Orleans has always been tricky. There is a bus that runs from campus to the French Quarter, and it is possible to take public transportation to most major areas of town. Buses are, however, not very frequent and it can take a very long time to reach a destination that requires a transfer/bus change. For schedules and news, go to the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority website. Please be aware that the transit system is not on a par with European cities. Most residents own cars, and many international students purchase used bicycles to get around town.


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