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In order to participate, students must have:

    • At least three full-time semesters of university study prior to participation
    • At least a 2.5 GPA
    • Language proficiency depending upon exchange program

How to Apply

NOTE: students are responsible for adhering to the deadlines set by their overseas institution of choice. Students must be aware of the deadlines for the schools to which they are applying. See Program Dates for more info.

1. Apply online

2. Submit the following once you have submitted your online application:

    • Upload a copy of the title page of your passport
    • Upload your digital photo
    • A one-page, typed letter of intent stating why you wish to participate in an international exchange. Include information about current field of study and courses you would like to take during your time abroad.
    • Two (2) letters of recommendation
      • One must be from a foreign language teacher if your exchange requires knowledge of a foreign language. If the chosen program is taught in English, one letter of recommendation is acceptable.
      • We accept letters of recommendation in the following formats: 1) a letter in a sealed envelope 2) an email sent directly from the referee 3) a form filled out by the student and referee (Click here to download). This is a quick and simple option for referees who may be particularly busy.
    • A copy of your official current transcript.

    3. Make an appointment with Mary Hicks, the program director, in order to discuss your study abroad project.

4. Your application will be considered as soon as all of the above documents have been submitted and that you have had an appointment with Mary Hicks.

5. Once you have been accepted into the program, you must do the following:

    • Fill out the Enrollment Verification Form.
    • Make an appointment with Dr. John Hazlett for academic advising.
    • Fill out the application form for your host institution (obtained from the ISEP office).
    • Fill out your Medical History Report.
    • Once you are admitted to the host institution, then start your next phase: planning for the move. This should include such things as paying any fees required by your host institution, making housing arrangements, signing up for courses (if possible), getting your student visa, etc.
    • Obtain and read our advice on "What to do before you leave" (pdf file) (also available in the International Student Exchange Programs Office)
    • Be sure to obtain student visa if necessary (because your stay in your host country is longer than 3 months, you must, in most cases, apply for a long-stay visa. Usually, students must apply at the closest consular or embassy office of the host country).

6. If you are interested in going on a non-UNO sponsered program the procedure is a little more complicated, but for more information please click here.

Registration and Credit

All students are registered for 12 hours of place holder hours at UNO prior to departure, though the actual number of hours students complete and recieve credit for may be greater than 12. Courses available at the host institutions vary from school to school. For current course listings, see the web sites for each institution. A link to each of these web sites is provided on the web page dedicated to each institution.

Program offerings and fees are subject to change.

Graduate credit is available at some schools with which we have agreements.

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What About Cost?

The amount paid to UNO includes the application fee, tuition and fees for 12 credit hours at UNO, and Study Abroad Health Insurance, all due prior to departure.

Such fees as airfare, room and board, and miscellaneous personal expenses are not included, and vary widely depending upon the host institution and location (Paris will be much more expensive, say, than Prague). Housing arrangements are made via the host institution, and payment is made in the host country according to the arrangements made there.

UNO fees, (subject to change) are listed on the UNO Bursar's web site here:

Financial aid does apply. Consult with the Program Coordinator and your Financial Aid Counselor to be sure that your financial aid package is correctly applied to your chosen program. This should be taken care of as far in advance as possible.

Not a UNO student? Only degree-seeking UNO students may participate in these exchange programs. Contact the UNO ISEP Office to start the process of applying for admission to the University of New Orleans.

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