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Health and Safety

Keeping safe is the single most important part of traveling abroad. That is why we encourage our students to follow the steps listed below as to be prepared and to know what to do in case of an emergency.


Health Insurance

UNO requires that all students carry special study abroad health insurance while studying abroad. All students must be covered by the insurance policy chosen by the UNO Division of International Education. The cost of this program is $180 per semester, and payment in full is due prior to departure (typically, once you are registered as an exchange student, a $180 per semester fee will be added to your UNO student account). Please ask the Coordinator for a copy of the current health insurance brochure for study abroad and academic exchange, or click here


3 Important Steps Before Departure:

1. Register with the U.S. Embassy in the country you are going to. This can be done online. To do this, visit and click on "Registration with Embassies."

2. Have the contact information of the Consulate or U.S Embassy that is closest to you. Please find a list of Embassies/Consulates at

In case of REAL EMERGENCIES, it is also important to have the 24-hour US Dept. of State telephone number. Their number is (+1) 202-647-4000.

3. Carry your Insurance Card and a list of local emergency numbers in  your wallet. This includes the local numbers of the place you are in, as well as the State Dept. number). If you haven't received a list of local numbers yet, ask for it at the university!

If you encounter a health related issue while abroad and need to contact your insurance, please dial +1 770 427 2461 for T.W. Lord & Assoc. or +1 202 331 1596 for Worldwide Assistance. Please keep these numbers with you at all times. The claim form can be downloaded by clicking here.

These steps are necessary while on study abroad. This will ensure your safety even while you are not in your home country.




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