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11/7/2012 Posted on Facebook:

I almost forgot that today makes five months since I've been in Turkey. It's interesting how once you get settled down into a routine you forget how the last five months are completely divergent and different from the last 22 years of your life. Seven months to go and I can only hope to keep making the discoveries about myself and this place and making the memories that I have been for the last five. Thanks to everyone who has made some part of this possible. Keep rockin'.

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I truly encourage you to apply to the UNO exchange program; it is a life-changing experience. To see the world with your own eyes, even the icky parts of it, changes your perspective of even your own world. There are so many wonderful places to visit, and if you are in Europe it is especially cheap to visit other European places (flight to Madrid from Paris: 25 euro). It really is a chance of a lifetime. - Kyrie Welty, MICEFA 07-08

It was really wonderful. Experiencing life in a completely different place opens your eyes to many things. - Anonymous

6 months well spent, a great way to not only see another culture as a tourist, but live in the everyday life. The differences that surprised me initially became everyday, and it was the best way to understand another way of living. I only wish that I had gone in the first semester! - Anonymous

Go abroad for a full year because it takes quite a while to adjust and start to enjoy yourself. Try as hard as you can to arrive with some idea of the language. Try to make friends from the country you are in; this helps with learning the language and is also rewarding in other ways. -Anonymous

The teachers were all extremely helpful, very warm and friendly. - Anonymous

I learned a lot outside of our classes, and must say that this experience helped immensely in further expanding my world view. - Anonymous

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