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  • When do I get my passport?

  Immediately! This is sometimes the most time consuming part travel preparation. You can have your passport issued at a major post office or check with the passport office to make your appointment.         http://travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html

You will also need to give us a copy of the inside (photo page) of your passport for our records.

  • How do I choose and enroll for classes?

When you apply, you select from a list of classes listed on the form. You will select one for the “1” section and “2” section. You will also need to select an alternate class. It is up to the student to talk to his or her university and counselor to make sure the credits can be transferred for a specific class.

  • What if the class I chose does not “make”?

Because of the limited size of our program, not all classes will have enough students to make. This is why it’s so important to choose your course early in order to give that particular class the best chance of making. If your class is not available, we will place you in your alternate choice of courses. You will receive confirmation of your course list prior to departure.

  • What about books for my class?

When your classes are confirmed, you will receive a list of books to order. You may purchase these books from your local bookstore or order online.

  • When do I pay for the program?

Once your initial deposit is received, you will be sent an e-mail reminder for the remainder of the payments. It is your responsibility to keep up with the schedule of payments. It is imperative that you keep up with the schedule of payments or you may be placed on a waiting list! The payment schedule is listed on our website. If you are pending financial aid, please let our office know so we can note this in your file.
You can pay your payments online at:

  • How do I book my flight?

 Our office can give you advice regarding flights but you must book your flight on your own. Do not make non-refundable reservations until the program is confirmed by our office. Also, please consult with us regarding time of arrival, etc so we can help you decide on the best venue.
Most students like to travel with others on the program.  A good option is to book the same flight as one of our faculty members who are experienced in traveling to our destinations and can maneuver their way through airports. We will give you information regarding this once our faculty representative books his or her flight.

You can make plans online through agencies such as www.orbitz.com   www.travelocity.com; www.statravel.com and many more. Please be sure to go with a trusted site and also make sure to book the correct dates. You can also use a travel agent or frequent flyer miles. Once you have your itinerary, e mail it to us and we will look at everyone’s flight plans so we can coordinate travel partners. 

For The Glories of France program you must ARRIVE in Montpellier (airport code MPL) on July 2nd (This means you depart from the US on the 1st) and leave on August 3rd in the morning. 


We will also send you concise instructions about transportation to the dorm/apartments before the program.

  • Is there a pre departure orientation?

Yes, there is an onsite orientation at UNO before our departure. Of course, not all students can attend (many of our participants are not local) so we will have another orientation upon arrival in the program.
Our Student Handbook will answer most of the questions you will have about the program. Please read this handbook before the Orientation and especially before the program at: http://inst.uno.edu/france/ then go to the handbook link.

  • What if I have other questions?

 Having questions is normal. If after reading your Student Handbook, you have other questions we have not answered, please feel free to contact us by calling (504) 280-7455, e mailing gofmc@uno.edu , or if you are a local student, stop by the UNO International Center, Room 126.


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