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2016 Courses

Survey of Central European Film

From Habsburgs to Havel: Introduction into the History of Czech Lands in the 20th Century

The Architecture of Prague: A Subjective Survey
Special Topics in Photography: People and Place
An introduction to Modernism in Prague

Class Schedule
Time Period 1
Survey of Central European Film Harmon Greenblatt
Time Period 2
The Architecture of Prague: A Subjective Survey Carol Sherwood
Special Topics in Photography: People and Places sec.1 Julia Cybularz
From Habsburgs to Havel: Introduction into the History of Czech Lands in the 20th Century Dr. Pavel Szobi
Time Period 3
Special Topics in Photography: People and Places sec.2 Julia Cybularz
An Introduction to Modernism in Prague Carol Sherwood


FTA 4090-92 Survey of Central European Film

Harmon Greenblatt


This course will focus on the cinematic traditions of Central Europe. Through specific films, students will learn about the directors and cinematic trends of the Czech, Slovak, Polish, and Hungarian film. Students will learn about the technical, aesthetic, narrative, and commercial development of the cinematic art form in this geographic area. Students will study the influences at work on Central European cinema over the course of the last 100+ years, as well as the specific distinctions between Central European film and other traditions, such as the Hollywood film.
Students who wish to obtain Honors credit for the class will have to write a 5-page essay about a film relevant to class. They should discuss this with the instructor on the very first day of class. 3 credit hours

Syllabus: FTA 4090-92

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HIST 4991 From Habsburgs to Havel: Introduction into the History of Czech Lands in the 20th Century

Instructor: Dr.Pavel Szobi

Description: This course will be an introduction to the history of the Czech lands in the 20th Century.  Starting with a brief introduction to the origin of the Czech lands prior to the 20th century, students will learn about the most memorable moments in Czech political, economic, and cultural history, including the Czech fight for national recognition from the Habsburg Empire at the end of the 19th Century, through two world wars, periods of democratic independence peppered with periods under foreign regimes and the Communist Era, the Czechoslovakian age of combined identity, leading finally to the Velvet Revolution, the split from Slovakia, and the path that has returned the Czech nation to democracy, European Union membership, and an increasingly important place in world politics and economy. Using the opportunity of being in Prague we will follow the history of Central Europe not just in class but also through museum visits and city excursions. Students enrolled at the 4000 level course will be required to complete an extra project.
3 credit hours

Syllabus: HIST 4991

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URBN 4800 The Architecture of Prague: A Subjective Survey

Instructor: Carol Sherwood

Description: This course explores the architecture of Prague from the 10th century to today. The emphasis is on the subjective experience of place in understanding the Architecture of Prague. Using the city of Prague as our primary classroom this class will investigate how the qualities of the materials, the use of light and shadow, proportion and scale, the choice of structural systems, and attention to context, all work together to inform our experience of the architectural environment. These elements, the ideas behind them, and how they have been approached historically will be presented and examined through walking tours, slide lectures, class discussions, readings and individual projects. 3 credit hours

Syllabus: URBN 4800

  2013 Participants overlooking the rooftops of Prague

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"Field trips during classes really helped me in getting the most out of a short time in Prague!"
-2012 Prague Summer Seminars Participant

FA 3450 Special Topics in Photography: People and Places

Instructor: Julia Cybularz

Description: This course is designed for students already familiar with basic photographic principles and digital workflow. The class will cover how one goes about uncovering what is unique to a specific place and the culture that defines it. In addition, the topic of portraiture will be covered, how to photograph people in the street as well as in a more controlled environment. The goal behind the course to have students create a highly personal body of works that captures the sense of place and its people without making the “postcard” images that are ubiquitous in the genre of travel photography. The students will produce a unique body of works that describes their view of the places they have visited.

In addition to the aesthetic issues raised in the class we will cover the use of small lighting solutions and work with Adobe Lightroom as a way to both edit and catalog images. All participants must bring a digital SLR camera, a laptop computer, and have Adobe Lightroom on the computer for organizing and presenting images. 3 credit hours

Syllabus: FA 3450

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HUMS 4090 An Introduction to Modernism

Instructor: Carol Sherwood

Description: This course will introduce students to the Modern movement in art, architecture, and graphic and commercial design in the city of Prague. We will start by examining the Art Nouveau style, with its search for a new expression in the fine arts. Then we will move through Cubism, Rondo Cubism, Functionalism and end with a visit to the Art Deco residence of the Lord Mayor of Prague. We will visit many excellent examples of international architectural styles, including the functionalist neighborhood of “Baba” and examine the Cubist and Rondo Cubist styles that are specific to Prague and the Czech lands. We will study the artists and architects who helped to change the face of this magical city and who contributed to the universal language of the arts of the 20th century and we will consider the theories and philosophies behind the various approaches to modern art. The class will consist of walking tours, museum and gallery visit, and class discussions. 3 credit hours

Syllabus: HUMS 4090

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