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The Ezra Pound Center for Literature:
Writing Workshops at Brunnenburg


July 10 - August 5, 2017


2017 Applications are now being accepted.


*Please note that courses and times are subject to change*

The program focus includes classroom instruction, a field trip to Venice and special events, including guest lecturers and poetry readings, as well as volunteer work days on the castle estate. Auditors interested in attending courses on a non-credit basis are welcome, as space permits. Transfer credit is possible through the Registrar’s Office of the University of New Orleans. Participating students can earn three or six semester credit hours in one or both of the following courses:


Course Number

Course Title



ENGL 4391/5391 The Poetry of Ezra Pound

John Gery

ENGL 4163/6173 Intensive Poetry Writing John Gery


ENGL 4391/5391
The Poetry of Ezra Pound


This course is a seminar on the poetry of Ezra Pound. Although we will read some excerpts from Pound’s extensive prose writings, including “A Retrospect,” “Vorticism,” “The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry,” ABC of Reading, from his Rome radio broadcasts, and from his letters, we will concentrate primarily on his poetry itself, since our objective is to become as familiar with his creative work as possible and to reflect on its bearing. For the first week’s seminars, we will read and discuss Pound’s shorter poems from Personae, as well as his sequence Hugh Selwyn Mauberley, while the latter two weeks will concentrate on his epic, The Cantos. In Venice, we will also read from his earliest poems.

  Readings: Completion of all reading assignments by the start of class.

Class Presentation: For this course, each participant, regardless of status (credit or audit) will be asked to prepare and deliver at least one oral presentation of a poem (or Canto) to the class. This assignment asks that you do some basic research in the Brunnenburg library before class on a work of your choice, in consultation with the instructor. You will read the poetry aloud, present it by discussing its form, content and theme(s), and facilitate class discussion.

Final Exam:
To receive full course credit, you will need to take a two-hour final exam on site on the final day

Term Paper:
To receive full course credit, you will need to meet with me, propose a term paper topic, conduct research on site, and complete on site an essay of 12-15 pp. (graduate students) or 8-10 pp. (undergraduate students).


ENGL 4163/6173
Intensive Poetry Writing


This is an advanced workshop in the writing, reading, analysis, criticism, and revision of poetry. Although some time will be spent on principles and the process of composing and interpreting of poetry, based on reading assignments, primarily the class will focus on students’ poetry – its composition, vision and revision, craft, and artistry. Students will submit their own poems to class for analysis, criticism and discussion, as well as prepare written critiques of others’ works.

  3-5 Poems for class discussions: Each student will be asked to bring to Italy 12-15 photocopies each of 3-5 of her or his own poems, to be distributed to the class in a timely way to be prepared for class discussion. (My hope is to consider at least 3 original poems by each participant in class.)
Critiques for class: In addition to composing and revising her or his own poetry for class, each student will also be expected to prepare written comments on others’ poems for each class meeting.
Class Presentations (2): Each participant, regardless of status (credit/audit), will be asked twice to present another participant’s poem, as assigned by the instructor.
Final exam: To receive full course credit, you will need to complete the Take-Home final exam (an analysis of a poem from the assigned texts), as approved by the instructor
Final Manuscript: To receive full course credit, you will also need to complete a10-13 –page manuscript of poetry including a “preface” (undergraduates, 8-10-pages, without a preface).

All for-credit students will receive a UNO transcript for their participation.  This official transcript will be sent to the appropriate home institution following the completion of the summer program, after a final assessment and payment of room damages and other remaining charges.  If you have any questions about the transcript process, please feel free to contact the Writing Workshops Abroad office.




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