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The Ezra Pound Center for Literature:
Writing Workshops at Brunnenburg


2017 Applications are now being accepted.




Faculty Member


John Gery The Poetry of Ezra Pound
Intensive Poetry Writing

John Gery has served as the Academic Director of the Ezra Pound Center for Literature at Brunnenburg for almost 15 years. His books of poetry include The Enemies of Leisure (1995), Davenport’s Version (2003), A Gallery of Ghosts (2008), and Have at You Now! (2014). He is a member of both the Creative Writing MFA and Women's Studies faculties at UNO. His courses have included Poetry Writing, Poetic genres, British and American literature, Poetry and Drama, and single author courses on Ezra Pound, John Ashbery and others.


Consulting Faculty


Mary de Rachewiltz The Poetry of Ezra Pound
Intensive Poetry Writing

Mary de Rachewiltz is best known for her acclaimed memoir, Ezra Pound, Father and Teacher: Discretions, an autobiographical evocation and literary tribute to Pound's life and works, especially during his years in Italy. Ms. de Rachewiltz is also an internationally recognized poet and translator of modern poetry. De Rachewiltz has lectured extensively about her father's works, often as a keynote speaker, and has served on literary boards and panels throughout the world. In addition to participating in UNO's Ezra Pound Center for Literature at Brunnenburg, she has taught in association with Guilford College, St. Andrew's College and other colleges and universities.



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