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The Ezra Pound Center for Literature:
Writing Workshops at Brunnenburg


July 10 - August 5, 2017


2017 Applications are now being accepted.


Participant Blogs

"The last week at Brunnenburg Castle was a fantastic one. Thursday night, there was a concert held at the castle. This was particularly a treat because the cellist played using Ezra Pound's cello. This was the first time that it was used for a performance in over fifty years! Friday, our last night, was a great one as well. We attended a wine tasting which was followed by a banquet. Here we said our goodbyes to each other and the family at Brunnenburg. Overall, I thought everyone truly enjoyed their final week."

-Mary Maggiore (Brunnenberg, 2014)


Participant photos

Courtesy of Ann Dernier
Brunnenberg 2012


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