UNO Ireland: Writing Workshops & Creative Arts


June 20 - July 22, 2017



2017 Applications are now being accepted.



Frequently Asked Questions:



Do I have to be a University of New Orleans student to attend the Writing Workshops in Cork?
No. We accept undergraduate and graduate students from universities around the world, as long as you are in good standing at your home institution. However, all program participants must apply for guest student status at UNO. This process includes sending official transcripts from your home institution. The University application fee is waived for our program participants.

Do I have to be currently enrolled at a University to attend this program?
No. We have a non-degree option for students who would like to take part in the Cork experience without taking courses for credit. You can read more about that here: Cork Writers' Retreat. Also, unaffiliated graduate and undergraduate students may enroll in for-credit courses and apply those credits to their future studies, where eligible. Please contact the Program Coordinator for more information on these options.

Is the application fee really non-refundable? What if I don't get in?
Half of the initial deposit is a non-refundable application fee. The other half is refundable until a date TBD in March. As long you are a student in good standing, both academic and disciplinary, then you will be accepted into the program. As long as you know your student status at your home institution, then there is no risk of paying the fee and subsequently not being accepted.

I don't have a passport, what do I do?
Apply for one immediately. You will need to upload a passport to your Writing Abroad program application before we officially accept you. The US Department of State has all the necessary info on their website: US Dept. of State. The typical wait time is 4-6 weeks, but you should apply as soon as you apply to the program, allowing for any delays.


Is airfare provided to Ireland?
Participants are responsible for their own travel to and from Cork at the beginning and end of the program. Cork is easily accesible from international airports in Shannon and Dublin, and has its own airport for connections from Dublin or London.

How do I get to Cork?
If you fly into Dublin or Shannon, we recommend taking the national bus line, Bus Eireann. Advance tickets may be purchased here: Bus Eireann. You can also travel from Dublin to Cork via Aircoach.

How will I get around Cork?
Cork is a very walkable city. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to class from the campus accomodations. It takes about 30 minutes to walk to the city center from the campus accomodations. Upon arrival all participants will receive a LEAP card, a reloadable public transit card that can be used on buses throughout Ireland. Taxis are also readily available in the Cork city center.

How do I get to the excursions?
All excursions, whether included or optional, will include travel to and from the destination, via chartered buses.

Can I use the weekend to explore other locations?
Absolutely. Fridays through Sundays are yours to spend as you please. Most weekends will have excursion options, however none of those are required. One thing to consider in booking personal travel is the potential for a delayed return. Should you miss a class, that absence will not be excused, and each day of class is the equivalent of one week during a regular semester.


How many classes can I take?
6 credit hours (two courses) are included in the basic program cost. A third course may be taken for an additional fee, however that is not recommended, since it will seriously limit your time and impact your ability to enjoy excursions and develop relationships with other participants and members of the local community.

Who's teaching?
Check out our Faculty page for info on the teachers of our 2017 proposed courses.



Will I have roommates?
Participants stay in University College Cork student housing. Each person will have a private bedroom and private bathroom within a 3-6 person suite. The suite will include a shared kitchen and common room. Suitemates are assigned by program staff. Suitemate requests are taken into consideration and accomodated when possible. Students may choose to rent an entire suite for an additional cost.

Can I find my own housing?
Yes. If you opt out of program housing, then you will receive a $500 reduction to your program fee.

How far are the apartments from campus?
It's a fifteen minute walk to the classes on UCC's main campus.


When you say some meals are included, what is that?
It's regular human food! But seriously, Monday through Thursday, each participant is given a voucher for 10 Euro at the UCC Cafeteria. They have multiple options for food each day, including vegetarian options, and most students find they have enough room within that 10 Euro allowance to take away food for an evening meal or snack. At the beginning of the program, all participants also receive a 40 Euro debit card that can be used for breakfast at the campus coffee shop. Meals are also provided at the Opening Reception, Closing Reception, and some other events.

What about other meals?
Some people think Irish cuisine is boring, but we like it! Fish and Chips, and Shepherd's Pie are two of the more popular "traditional Irish" options that can be found almost anywhere. Cork also has international cuisine from a number of countries, as well as an abundance of pizza shops and some American chain restaurants. Also, all suites are equipped with fully functioning kitchens. There are two convenience stores less than a ten minute walk from UCC housing, and large grocery stores a short bus ride or longer walk away. Many students cook the majority of their own meals.
Where do the excursions go?
2017 excursions include a long weekend in Dublin and a trip to Killarney national Park, Dingle, and Galway.

What kind of money do they use in Ireland?
Ireland, like many parts of the European Union, uses on the Euro (€). The exchange rate fluctuates, but as of 12/8/16, €1.00 = $1.06. Most Irish ATM's accept most U.S. bank cards. Visa and Mastercard are much more widely accepted in Ireland than American Express. Traveler's checks are not recommended.

How much spending money should I bring?
We suggest $350-$450 per week to cover evening and weekend meals, travel, and other personal expenses, but it is possible to spend considerably more or less than that. Cork is about as expensive as a typical American city you might visit on vacation. You can compare the cost of goods and services between Cork and any other major city here: Cost calculator.



For more information about the Writing Workshops Abroad, please contact:
Program Coordinator, Jarred Marlatt, Division of International Education | 504-280-7345 | (During Program) 353 894 976 697


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